Bathymetry Album - One Year Anniversary

On the 6th June 2015 we released our first album at the Aigburth Cricket Club. The sixth of June is the anniversary of D-Day and some of the locals at the club had actually lost people in that war. Last year the club was under threat from developers, but it's still standing today! Hopefully the bit of money we raised helped in that fight. 

We recorded our first album in conjunction with Ugly Man Records and with the brilliant Patrick O'Shaughnessy at Soma Studios here in Liverpool. 

It was a wonderful couple of weeks...this video is a little window into Bathyland.

Skeleton Coast Fest 2016

We're playing this new festival in August;
the first Skeleton Coast Festival that will be held Saturday 6th August at Hoylake Parade in the beautiful coastal surroundings of Hoylake Promenade. The festival is run by members of The Coral’s Skeleton Key Records, Coda Presents and Hoylake Beacon.

More info here

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Line-up also includes:
The Wytches
By The Sea
She drew the gun
Edgar Summertyme Jones
Marvin Powell
Wicked Whispers
Psycho Comedy
Rory Wynne
Tom Lowe
Buffalo Riot
Jo Mary

Alternative Escape 2016 Brighton

Saturday 21 May - We're playing our first gig down south for Alternative Escape in Brighton.

More info here

Thursday 19th May - 12:40-21:00
Friday 20th May - 12:40-21:00
Saturday 21st May - 12:40-20:30

Bar Rogue, The Royal Albion Hotel, 35 Old Steine, Brighton BN1 1NT


13:00 The Ferns
13:50  YATS
14:40  Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? 
15:30  Coquin Migale
16:20  FANS band
17:10  Inwards
18:00  Gang
18:50  Perch
19:40  Without Letters
20:30  Asylums

13:00  Fabrics
13:50 Retoryka
14:40  Why An Eye
15:30  The Wholls
16:20  CuT
17:10  Fragile Creatures
18:00  The Fiction Aisle
18:50  Jingo
19:40  KRAK KRAK
20:30  Arrows of Love

13:50  Dexy
14:40  Babe
15:30  Porridge Radio
16:20  Gurgles
17:10  Bathymetry
18:00  Cassels
18:50  Thee Greater Good
19:40  ALMA

16 4 16 …

Last night we put on a big glittery party gig at Buyer's Club in Liverpool.
Huge thanks to Ecate, Game_Program, JazzHands, and all the people who came.
Putting on our own shows is a really satisfying experience. Hopefully we'll do one or two more this year!

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Smith down Road Festival / 30 April 2016 Liverpool

Smith down Road festival is a free weekend of music around Liverpool's Smithdown Road, starting Saturday 30th April.

We're playing the Saturday at Kelly's Dispensary!

More details here

Bands confirmed so far include (in alphabetical order):
Arms At Last
Ashes and Clark
Bad Mood
The Bad Apples
Beans On Toast
The Blue Soul
Big Safari
The Boston Shakers
Brian Comber
Buffalo Riot
Carl Moorcroft
Dave Owen
The Debt Stars
The Dick Limerick Academy
Don't Worry
Drifting Classroom
False Advertising
The Floormen
The Flourescents
Fort Baxter
Holy Thursday
Indigo Moon
The Jackobins
The Jesse Janes
Kids On Bridges
The Late Night Oil
Lyons and Tigers
Major Major
Meet The Robots
Mike Badger (The La’s)
Mono Lps
Mono Sideboards
Natalie McCool
Native Kings
Parker and the Suitcase
Pete Bentham And The Dinnerladies
Rasta 4 Eyes
Satin Beige
Seafoam Green
Sean Bennett
The Shipbuilders
The Sundowners
Takotsubo Men
Ten Dead Crows
Those Amongst Us Are Wolves
Tony Wright (Terrorvision)
Villy Raze
We Are Catchers
Wild Rossa And The 88
Xander And The Peace Pirates

Outsider Music Video

Here it is - Our new music video for Outsider!


Buyer's Club / Liverpool / 16 04 16

Hello friends & strangers…

16th April we're throwing a party and you're invited!

It's going to be a bit of everything. Four acts that don't really sound anything like each other meeting in space and drowning in glitter. 


Live @ Buyers Club - Hardman St. Liverpool

• Game_Program
• Bathymetry
• JazzHands

Tickets £3 in advanceor £5 on the door

In between we'll be playing our favourite songs. 
stuff like:

the smiths ~ bowie ~ pixies ~ yellow magic orchestra ~ velvet underground ~ poolside ~ ought ~ kraftwerk ~ the kinks ~ the gun club ~ zombies ~ delta 5 ~ the beatles ~ charles manson ~ black sabbath ~ grimes ~ YMCK ~ mac demarco ~ deerhoof ~ talking heads ~ the libertines ~ squarepusher ~ anna calvi ~ oasis ~ the pet shop boys ~ notorious BIG ~ gwar ~ fuzz ~ devo ~ dr. dre ~ beastie boys ~ nirvana ~ galaxians ~ cyndi lauper ~ pink floyd ~ 

We're filming a music video on the night for 'Moon Buggy' So if you don't like cameras and youtube stardom wear something black and stick to the walls!

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Highlights… Year Two Thousand And Fifteen

It was a very good year…


Last Night: Rheannon Ormond Exhibition Opening Party / Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool

Last night at the Bold Street Coffee Shop in Liverpool, Lara Boundy and ourselves played some songs for Rheannon Ormond's Art Exhibition Opening Party - Beautiful illustrations of Hans Christian Andersen stories. The exhibition will still be there for a couple more months, and you can buy prints or originals from Rheannon.

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Rheannon Ormond Illustrates Hans Christian Andersen - Opening Party / 5 December Bold St. Coffee, Liverpool

Our talented friend Rheannon Ormond has her debut exhibition coming up, illustrating the anthropomorphic tales of Hans Christian Andersen. 

We'll be there to play music too!
Come along and have a look at Rheannon's beautiful drawings.

Private view and launch party on Saturday December 5th at Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool.


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