Interview with Even The Stars

Manchester based music blog, Even The Stars asked us some questions recently…

Q -Could you introduce yourselves please & how you got together as a band?
A -We are Emily, Ariel & Dave and we all come from different places. We managed to find each other via 'want ads' online. Ariel is an American living in Liverpool, Dave is from Carlisle but lives in Manchester, and Emily is from Warrington but lives a nomadic lifestyle mostly in the North.

Q - Do you write songs as a band or does one of you bring the songs to the band?
A - One of us usually brings an idea – sometimes a flicker of a thought, sometimes an entire skeleton. Then we all play with it together and see what happens.

Songs are tricky things and it usually less a process of writing them and more like stalking a wild creature – throwing it crumbs to gain its trust and study its habits. Or sometimes just a matter of keeping very still so as not to frighten it away.

Q -Bathymetry is an unusual name – where did it come from?
A -Bathymetry is the study of the ocean floor – plumbing depths and making maps of them. Mostly we just fancied the odd symmetry of the word but it is nice to think of ourselves as mapmakers exploring unknown regions.