Maguire's Pizza Bar, Liverpool Gig - With The Flash Bang Band + Otti & The Voices + Yarbo

Monday night was our biggest show ever (so far), but we didn't have too much time to recover from that spectacular occasion as we were already back in action last night.

We played Maguire's Pizza Bar in Liverpool with two great bands from Brighton that are currently touring together all over the place; 
The Flash Bang Band
Otti & The Voices
+ Liverpool locals - Yarbo.

Otti & The Voices were splendid and theatrical - with a big range of emotions. And the lovely Flash Bang Band inspired us to dance to their manic & captivating tunes for the entire duration of their set. Plus, there was pizza. Lots of really tasty pizza.

After the gig we all piled into their tour van, admired the kitchen set up (A microwave with a lonely pancake), and went back to ours for a little gin sing along and kip. It was a perfect night and hopefully we will all meet again in the not too distant future.

We strongly recommend that you catch a show from the Flash Bang Band + Otti & The Voices joint tour: