'Goblin Fruit' is Track Of The Day @ The Von Pip Musical Express!

Andy Von Pip has written a fantastic review of our show opening song Goblin Fruit in his very own Von Pip Musical Express.

He became aware of us for the first time when we supported The Jesus And Mary Chain last week in Liverpool, where he took some cracking live photos and wrote a live review (also very flattering).

…Let us call Bathymetry’s sound inventive, idiosyncratic, and imaginative… ‘Goblin Fruit’ is a sparse, dreamlike, and deceptively haunting tune, not unlike the soundtrack to some rather malign fairy-tale. It’s a balefully seductive song that flutters around your ears like a sinister yet flirtatious whisper, gently drawing you into their strange off kilter world.
— Andy Von Pip

Watch, listen or download Goblin Fruit:

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