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First on the bill was the sublimely delicate Bathymetry, fresh from their surprise support of The Jesus & Mary Chain. The trio’s charming, naïve tunes winning the crowd over almost immediately.

Despite their drummer being a good ten foot higher than anyone else in the building, the band’s innocent, shifting and wispy sound was glorious, with their excellent bassist Emily providing some sublime, Minutemen-esque riffs.

Their set standout was Evil Leather Jacket, a stop-start song that you can’t help being drawn in by, a fantastically intriguing start to the night.
— Get into This Magazine (25th April, 2015)

Live Review - Support for The Jesus & Mary Chain, Liverpool
  - The Von Pip Musical Express

Winning the audience over with their natural charm whilst producing a hugely engaging set. At times sonically there’s an air of the Delta Five about them with scratchy guitars and strident vocals, but they also have the ability to rather dizzyingly change pace ala Throwing Muses whilst at other times the harmonies and languid gliding bass lines conjure up a rather more down to earth, folksier Warpaint. And despite some of the pun-tastic track titles such as ‘Goblin Fruit’ and ‘Jarmalade’ there’s certainly a sly subtly and artful deftness to their off the wall sound, which under a veneer of ear pleasing pop masks rather darker predilections. This of course makes them a very interesting proposition indeed.
— Von Pip Musical Express (20th Feb 2015)


Goblin Fruit - Track of The Day
 - The Von Pip Musical Express

‘Goblin Fruit’ is a sparse, dreamlike, and deceptively haunting tune, not unlike the soundtrack to some rather malign fairy-tale. It’s a balefully seductive song that flutters around your ears like a sinister yet flirtatious whisper, gently drawing you into their strange off kilter world
— Von Pip Musical Express (26th Feb 2015)

  - louder than war

More on The Mary Chain later. First it’s time to sail the seven seas with Bathymetry. It’s fitting that this three piece’s name relates to the study of underwater depths, their jarringly folky pop sounds seem to transport you to the pretty coastal seaside resorts of Devon and Dorset on a gloriously hot summer’s day. Listen closely, however, and it becomes apparent that there are often traces of spite beneath the cheery exterior; dark tales of wrongdoing and death lying like grinning demons underneath the disproportionately sunny grooves. They certainly know how to make the audience feel at home, arriving onstage all smiles and informing us that we are all “looking very beautiful tonight”, but don’t be completely taken in; this lot are spitting venom over the sand castles.

Bathymetry’s cunning levels of deception coupled with their uncanny knack of knocking out great pop tunes will surely work in their favour, just be aware of the risks involved when listening. Consider yourself warned.
— Sean Diamond for Louder Than War Magazine (17th Feb 2015)